Whether or Not to Play Aggressive in Heads Up Poker

Almost everyone would tell you that when you are playing a heads up match you should be aggressive. Well, in some cases this is true but it isn’t always the right approach. Being aggressive would only help in some situations. Of course this article doesn't concern online casino poker or games offered at poker game sites.

Identify the player 

The first thing that you need to identify is what type of player you are playing against. If you are playing against an aggressive player you must be very selective in choosing your hand. If you just put in bets even on poor hands, your opponent would surely raise and you would be trapped. If you are playing against a weak player then he would call on any amount of bets that you put.

In a way, the best way to tire out your opponent is by folding all your mediocre and weak hands. When you have a strong hand, bully him strongly and place huge bets. When you fold all your bad hands you minimize your risks of loosing too much money.

Check your hands

Be very selective of your all in hands. Ensure that you have a pocket pair of aces or kings; otherwise it’s not really worth it. You might try you luck every now and then with something lesser than that, but as much as possible stick with your good hands. When everything else fails you can always try some of the advanced techniques like check raising or bluffing. You can confuse your opponent just when they think that they have been able to read through you. The good thing about heads up is that its quite fast so it could be difficult for your opponent to gauge your style. By the way, there is a great place to play online poker Australia based.

When you play against an aggressive player, half of the time he would not have strong hands, you must try to figure out what types of hands they usually play on. One good thing to do is to steal blinds when they are cheap. If you are the first one to act then you can put in a large raise when you have a good time and this would make your opponent fold. As much as possible try to play in the limit you are comfortable with so that you can concentrate on the game and not the amount of money that is on the line.

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