More Players Calculating Odds with a Calculator

The beauty of using a betting calculator is plain to see. They are easy to use and make the process of placing bets and deciphering odds accessible to even the most novice-like of gamblers. It is therefore unsurprising that while increasing numbers of betting sites are using them, they are also being used by rising numbers of punters too.

The rise of betting calculators has been steady. Historically, before the days of Internet casinos, bettors would have to garner odds deductions from the betting shop on the high street. The bookmaker would scratch some calculations on the back of a betting slip and offer the resultant odds to the punter, who could then stake or leave the bet.

Fortunately, using a such as this one online is a much simpler process that does not require the same deep-rooted knowledge of mathematics. By using software algorithms to calculate the odds, they allow punters to understand the bets they wish to make quickly and simply. In the betting shop example, a bettor may not like the calculation with which he is faced, and so would perhaps add another selection to his betting slip, which would require a further calculation, and so on with each new selection made.

Having to go through this laborious process in an online bookmaker would almost certainly drive punters away rather than contribute to the gambling boom the UK is currently witnessing. Instead, betting calculators have seen a marked rise in usage, with feedback and comments to betting operators’ customer services and social media pages often centring on their ease of use and simplicity.

The most striking feature of the free bet calculators is its instantaneous nature. If, say, a punter wishes to place a bet on an afternoon’s football fixtures, all he has to do is add each selection to the betting calculator (often incorporated in “live” betting slips). If he selects the kind of bet he wishes to make (double, triple, accumulator, etc.) the odds and payouts change instantly as he adds each new selection to the slip. In this way, the bet calculator helps the player to develop his betting strategy as it gives him an insight as to how odds are calculated, without putting him through the strain of working it out himself. The chances are that his mind will adapt to the calculator and, without having to pause or work it out on paper, he will eventually know the odds before the calculator does.

While it would be remiss to suggest that the free bet calculators are offering a public service (they are, after all, gambling devices) it is certainly the case that they are a huge aid to punters everywhere and have helped to transform online betting services. Not only are they here to stay, they are here to help the betting future look very bright indeed.

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