Jennifer Harman – One of the top female poker players

Overall it would be fair to say that there are less women playing poker professionally than men, and that the game is still traditionally more associated with males. What it would not be fair to say, however, is that there are no good, successful female poker players. The masculine image that many still have of the game is probably a by-product of its connection with westerns and saloons in the public mind; but more female players than ever are looking to challenge these assumptions, and one of the top female pokers at the moment is Jennifer Harman.

Harman is certainly not one of the biggest players in strict physical terms, as she is just 5’2” and probably no more than 100 pounds; but in terms of reputation at the table, she is one of the biggest and most formidable players out there right now. Furthermore her reputation covers all types of poker, as she has many years of experience playing at a high stakes level across different games, from online at sites to land based casinos. However, the place where Harman can most frequently be found is the famous Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, which was used by Steven Soderbergh as a location in his hugely successful Ocean’s Eleven remake. Harman was part of the team of pro-poker players who took on the wealthy banker Andy Beal in games with stakes of between $100,000 and $200,000, documented in the book The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of all Time. Frankly, if anything is likely to make Harman popular, it’s the notion of taking a banker for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Harman has achieved a number of notable wins in major poker tournaments during her career, including the Buy-in Limit Hold’em Event at the 2002 World Series of Poker and the Buy-in Deuce-to-seven No-limit Draw Event at the 2000 WSOP; both of which netted her $5000 in winnings. However the single biggest win Harman has ever had at the tables was an astonishing $1.7 million, which is also the most any player has ever won in a single hand at that time.

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