Low Ranking Poker Games

Unibet horse racing gaming review: Poker is not always played with the mindset of high is always best. There are some forms of poker that are played with the lowest hand being construed as the best, and poker games where both the low and the high hands are used. Confused? Well it can get a little confusing but with a little bit of help and guidance a whole new world of poker possibilities open up for you.

The low hands

The best low hand in poker is known as The Wheel and is A-2-3-4-5. Although that hand also makes a straight, it is ignored in low-handed poker games. Instead, it is valued as the best low-hand because all of the cards are the lowest in a standard deck. The second best hand is therefore A-2-3-4-6. This hand is known as a six low. In most games you need at least an eight low to qualify as a low hand. For example: A-2-3-4-8.

High-lo hands

There are games where, at showdown, both the high and low hands count. The aim of the game is called a Scoop, and this is where you win both the high and the low hand at showdown. This means you win the entire pot. But if you only win the high hand and someone else wins the low then you split the pot 50% each. This can get really complicated when more than one player holds a portion of the best hand as it can result in quarter pot splits for example.

High-Lo games are popular because they keep the variance low. With a chance to win the high, and the low, you are more likely to win portions of pots, than you are if you are just playing for the high hand.

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