Online Tournament Poker Rules

Good option for poker players is the wide range of live online events that are held in the tournament format by poker game sites or online casino. The most popular type of poker tournaments according to wikipedia is the multi-table poker tournament held at many poker tables with a lot of poker players. If the gamblers lose and quit the game the tables are called “broken”. This means that rest few poker players that are still in the game must be moved to other poker tables. It is done to keep the poker table always full. At last according to the tournament poker rules the last winning participants are gathered at one table and compete. The winner and some best gamblers receive the cash prizes according to the special table.


Shootout is the kind of multi-table tournament without table balancing. According to shootout tournament poker rules all poker tables must not be kept full all the time, the game session at every table is over after one poker player receives all chips and wins the table. Only after there is only one participant at every table the final game is held at a single table.

Satellite is the kind of multi-table tournament in which the poker players win the entries to the main poker competition as the prizes, not cash. Commonly satellite poker tournaments are cheaper than the main poker competition. Satellite tournaments may be held in different towns around the planet and finally the winners play at one gambling place to compete for the main prize.


Freeroll is the tournament with no buy-ins and the players may win real money prizes. To tell the truth the winning amount in such poker tournaments is not very huge but it is a good opportunity to get steady winnings with no losses. Most poker players choose to play in freerolls as the best way to practice poker skills and talent before more serious competitions.

The poker tournaments that are not set at time and begin after all seats at the poker table are occupied are called the sit-and-goes or simply SNG. According to tournament poker rules sit-and-goes come in three forms: multi-table, single-table and head-up sit-and-goes. Sometimes winning poker tournament is like playing online scratch cards - you never know when you are going to win.

Rebuy poker tournament

In rebuy poker tournaments the poker players may buy more chips during the game and continue to compete. Such tournaments are amazingly different from the regular freezeout tournaments in which the gamblers leave the game as soon as they don’t have any more chips with no possibility to rebuy. Though in rebuy poker tournaments the gamblers can not buy the chips whenever they wish but just during the “rebuy period” which usually is the first hour of the game. After this period ends it is prohibited to rebuy. What is more, in some poker tournaments there exist a limited quantity of rebuys possible for every participant.

Except the mentioned above tournaments you may get the chance to take part in other specific poker tournaments offered only by some of the gambling rooms which establish the special tournament poker rules and conditions for these events. Also you will have the chance to play special blackjack team play tournaments and even win at blackjack the highest prize like in poker. Blackjack online have many fans all over the world. Find your online casino and enjoy this exciting game!

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