Making Adjustments to Play against All Kinds of Opponents

There would be plenty of tournaments that would seem attractive to you in the beginning but once you start playing they would seem to be awfully different. Consider this one example of a tournament where the buy in was $500, and starting with $5000 the blind levels were all 60 minutes. The blinds began at $25 to $50 and they moved up gradually so there was plenty of time to play. There were plenty of players participating in the event from all types of backgrounds including some professional poker players. Now we are not takling about online casino tournaments only those held by poker game sites.

First hand

In the first hand itself, all the players folded their hands to a player who was a mortgage broker and the woman on the button raised it to $300 which was around six times the size of the big bland. The one on the small blind position folded and the big blind again raised it to $1800. The woman as well the mortgage broker both called and there was a massive amount in the pot. The flop revealed 4 J K rainbow and again the big blind and the broker both checked. The woman again bet $500 to which the big blind put it all in and the mortgage broker also called instantly. The woman thought for quite some time and then finally folded her hand revealing a A J off suit and she had put in that huge bet with just those cards. So, maybe it is better sometimes to enjoy gambling games in the web and spend time playing poker or roulette online, rather then squander your money? It is everyone's own business. Anyway, let's revert to the point.

As it turned out the big blind had pocket aces but the mortgage broker only had pocket tens so it didn’t really make sense why such huge risks. The mortgage guy finally said that he thought that the big blind had been bluffing so to the good fortune of the big blind he not only got a good hand but he also managed to win a massive pot.

So this only goes to prove that such things do happen at a tournament and there would a good number of people who would be used to gambling pretty early and very often and would not have made any adjustments to play in tournament where there would be plenty of time to play with their money. After the first few rounds most of such players had already thinned out and while there is nothing really wrong with being aggressive early on in the game for building up a stack but being passive and calling big raises with just marginal hands is something that should be avoided. In this situation you must try to play more hands early on too to get paid off.

So the bottom line here is that you would have to constantly make adjustments. You might know the structure of the tournament and the amount of time that you had to play but there would be plenty of people who wouldn’t understand that fact. And when you come across such people you would have to again make a few more adjustments to be able to get their chips.

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